What to wear for those upcoming Holiday parties? LBD Edition!

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. This means family gatherings and the overabundance of holiday parties. I don’t know about you, but when I open the mail and see a formal invite to a holiday party, I get giddy, yes, GIDDY. Because let’s face it, as a working mom, 99% of my life I’m wearing trousers and pencil skirts to the office and rarely do I get all “dolled up”. So, being able to feel like a princess for one evening is a fantastic change. That said, these parties bring on a level of anxiety too. Serious anxiety. First, what will I wear? Do I have anything already in my closet that is suitable for the occasion? Does that dress, jumper, or skirt still fit? Does the outfit I have work for the occasion? If not, where should I go to get a cute dress that won’t break the bank? Do I need shoes, a handbag, and jewelry? The list of anxiety-ridden questions goes on and on. Am the only one who feels this way?

Ok, so what are some ideas to look fabulous without breaking the bank and re-purposing where you can? No worries, I have some great ideas that are versatile and, in some cases, can be worn to the office, making this little venture a win-win in the end.

Re-purpose and Reuse

I’m a huge fan of digging into the back of the closet and finding those oldie but goodies. The one great thing about a LBD is that it often never goes out of style. In fact, many of my LBD’s are more than 5 years old, and in some cases 10. Take advantage of this situation, especially if it’s a dress that you KNOW you’ll only wear once a year, if that.

Now, with these little treasures, most of the time, all you need is an updated pair of shoes, jewelry, or handbag. Simple as that! To save money, you can also borrow these accessories from a good friend or family member. This is what I’ve done on NUMEROUS occasions. If you haven’t seen my latest blog post, “Playing dress up in my sister’s closet – Carrie Bradshaw style”, I often borrow pieces from my sister’s wardrobe for special occasions.  Thank goodness, we’re the same size!

Elevating what you have in your closet

I purchased this dress from bebe over 10 years ago. I could never part ways with it because it’s simple and at the time, it was a splurge for me. Plus, it’s super sassy and I thought...I’ll wear this again, I’m sure of it. Thankfully, I kept it and I’m able to still fit into it after 10 years.

bebe Ruched One Shoulder Dress – $149.00

bebe ruched off the shoulder dress


Something New

So maybe your closet doesn’t yield any viable options. Don't worry; I have a few ideas that won’t break the bank and in some cases can be worn to other events and even the office.

Leith Ruched Long Sleeve Dress – Nordstrom $44.25

Leith Ruched LBD

Leith Shine Minidress with BLANKNYC Faux fur

Leith Shine Minidress – Nordstrom $69.00 paired with BLANKNYC Faux Leather Moto Jacket – Nordstrom $98.00

Black Leather Moto Jacket with OTK Boots

Black Leather Moto Jacket with Skirt

Long sleeve dress with ruched sides

Leith Sheath Dress – Nordstrom $49.00

Spaghetti Strap LBD

Spaghetti Strap LBD with Pink Faux Fur Jacket

Spaghetti Strap LBD with Black Leather Moto Jacket


bebe Curve Seam Dress - $129.00  

bebe curve seam dress

 Wearing it beyond the party

Ok, so the dresses above are cute, but which ones can you wear beyond the party, making this new investment worthwhile.  Good news, there are three! The Leith Ruched Long Sleeve, Leith Sheath, and bebe Curve Seam dress. All can be paired with more casual pieces to make them office worthy.  Pair these dresses with a jacket (denim, leather, fur, etc.), blazer, cardigan, poncho, or button-up tunic, and you’ve just added versatility to your wardrobe. Below are a few ideas how I would wear these beauties to the office.

Sam Edelman Leopard Print Booties

Casual Look with LBD

Spaghetti Strap LBD with Black Leather Moto Jacket and Chrisitan Louboutin Studded Heels

Spaghetti Strap LBD with BB Dakota Drape Front Jacket

Pink Martini Wool Blend Cardigan with LBD

Let your inner beauty shine

At the end of the day, remember what these parties are for; gathering with friends and family, enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the season of giving and charity. Though we all want to look fabulous, it’s important that you feel fabulous too! If that means you wear a pair of jeans and your favorite top, then so be it. It’s about joy, happiness, and confidence. Everything else is just frosting!

Happy Holidays from Trinity Clothing!

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