Be Unstoppable!

In the months following the slow death of my dad, I was emotionally drained. I was left to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and figure out how to continue to live my life without him. I was constantly flooded with memories of him carrying a big, bulky video camera to my sister and my skating competitions - never missing a second of our performances. I remembered his constant encouragement telling us that we were unstoppable on the ice. I’ll never forget his unwavering love for “his girls” – me, my sister, and my mom. It was during this same time that I was picking up the emotional pieces after his loss that I realized there were many financial pieces that were strewn about. Dying was unknowingly expensive and it wasn’t until after my dad was gone, I, along with my husband Scott realized my mom was not only emotionally falling apart but was in financial ruin as well.

As Scott and I were discussing my mother’s situation, he reflected on his mother’s financial situation. Both of our mothers had careers, even multiple jobs throughout their lives. Scott’s mother worked in the road construction industry by day, and then moved onto her second job bar tending at night - caring for Scott and his sisters in between each job. The cocktail tray she carried was very much a metaphor for her life, always working to keep life in balance. My mother worked full-time as a beautician, but somehow managed her schedule to shuttle my sister and me to and from school, to and from ice staking practice six days a week, and run a household, which was always centered around a homemade meal almost every night.

Yet with all the work these two women had done, neither of them had a retirement to show for it. It was heartbreaking to witness these two amazing women, who had worked so hard to create a beautiful and comfortable life for their families were both facing uncertain futures. How did this happen to these two seemingly unstoppable women? And more importantly, how could we help them? How can we ALSO help other smart, courageous, intelligent women faced with similar circumstances, potentially avoid this unfortunate, yet preventable circumstance

Questions like this plagued Scott and me for months, until one night I told Scott that I had a nagging feeling that we were supposed to be doing something different with our lives. That we needed to create something, that in the end, would be bigger than us. We had an idea to take our retail experience; having worked our way through college at Nordstrom, and the business strategy we have each learned in our current careers over the last 18 years and create a company of our very own. We wanted this business to not only create a new legacy for our family, but to create unstoppable support for our customers and our community. That’s when Trinity Clothing was born.

Trinity Clothing is centered around selecting beautiful and versatile clothing that supports women in every aspect of their lives. It will take a wearer from the boardroom to the soccer field and beyond, giving them the confidence to feel as though they can conquer the world. In addition, we collaborate with women-led, non-profit organizations whose mission is to help educate and support women so they can create a bright future and legacy of their very own.

Our carefully selected pieces draw on our mother’s ability to work hard to create a balance across all aspects of life by helping women explore, transform, and create stunning outfits, that will not only “dress their confidence” but will also help them feel unstoppable!