Turning a pencil skirt from an office staple to a weekend essential.

Ok, anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE a good pencil skirt. Aaah…they are the perfect office essential. A pencil skirt is classic, yet sexy at the same time. They are not too short, not too long, not skin tight, but are snug enough that it hugs all the right places. Seriously, I love pencil skirts and how I feel when I wear them. In fact, my husband often mocks me (lovingly of course) about my love of pencil skirts. When I find a new “must have” blouse, I find myself usually saying, “Oh, I can pair this with ripped jeans, half-tucked, and also with a pencil skirt and heels”…. He now lovingly steals my line before I even get a chance to say “pair it with a pencil skirt and heels” (insert my husband’s impression of me… high pitched voice and all..).  It’s sad that he knows me so well…maybe it’s even sadder that I pair everything with a pencil skirt. It doesn’t matter, I love me a good pencil skirt and I’m not ashamed to say so! 

So…now that you have a few pencil skirts, how can you turn this office staple into a more versatile piece that can become a weekend or after hour staple? Well ladies, I’m here to help!

Weekend warrior – pencil skirt edition

By now, you probably know that I have a “versatility” rule. Meaning, I purchase my clothes based on their versatility – can I wear it to the office AND on vacation? If the answer is yes, then I’m sold (much to my husband’s dismay). Now…I do have clothes that are occasion-specific, but I do try to follow my versatility rule more often than not, so the occasion-specific clothes are usually far and few between.

So, back to the good ole pencil skirt! I will show you three ways to wear your office staple on the weekend. Think I can’t do it? Well…wait to be mesmerized! J

Three Looks:

Skirt, half-tucked tank, and open toe booties

Black pencil skirt casual look

Black pencil skirt casual look

Skirt, t-shirt w/ side knot, and vans

Black pencil skirt casual look

Black pencil skirt casual look

Skirt, layering tank, casual denim shirt with tall boots

Black pencil skirt casual look

Black pencil skirt casual look

See…I knew you would be mesmerized! But, in all seriousness, transitioning from work to weekend is extremely simple, but sometimes we need a little inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, for more Work-to-Weekend fashion ideas, visit our Pinterest page.

How do you transition your favorite pencil skirt from the office to the weekend? I would love to see your pictures and hear about your ideas. Show us your style - use hashtag #mytrinitystyle.    

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