Fall into Autumn fashion. Fall clothing essentials that are work appropriate

What is it about fall that gets me all giddy? There truly is something special about fall. The bright orange and red leaves on the maple trees, the crisp mornings, the smell of pine trees mixed with crisp fallen leaves and….sweaters, boots, tights, leggings, and pumpkin spiced candles (could I be any more #basic??). Regardless of how cliché my description of fall is… for me, it really is magical, too bad it’s so short lived. Despite how short the season is, it really is a great time of year to sport some amazing pieces without having to get fully bundled up in full winter attire.

If you’re like me, you want your fall wardrobe to be versatile enough to be work appropriate but also suitable for your weekend pumpkin patch adventures with the kiddos. I have some great fall essentials that will make you stand out (in a good way) in the office but versatile enough to be worn after hours.

Just off the runway - fall Trends

  • Scarves a plenty
    • I’ve never met a scarf that I didn’t like. This small accessory can pack a punch. You can easily turn a mundane outfit into a chic, fashion forward outfit. You can wear them with dresses or with t-shirts, leggings, and vest. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!Off the shoulder sweaterLBD and Poncho Sweater with knee high boots
  • Bright, bold, and assertive - the 80’s are back or… magenta to be exact!
    • Though I’m not overly excited about square block jackets with gigantic shoulder pads, I do have a soft spot for 80’s attire, particularly the bright, unapologetic colors. Don’t worry, there is no need to purchase a head to toe magenta suit, a simple blouse, cami, or scarf will be bold enough but not too over the top for the office or the soccer field.Casual Look Silk Blouse with Denim Jeans and Leopard Print HeelsCasual Look Silk Blouse with Denim Jeans and Leopard Print Heels
  • Pretty in plaid
    • When I think of plaid, I think of two things – the 70’s and my dad’s leisure suit and the 90’s movie Clueless. No bright yellow plaid skirt and vest for me, rather, gray tone on tone trousers will fit the bill. These can be paired with a simple top or if you’re feeling extra bold, a magenta blouse.
    • Plaid for the weekend – I say pair a plaid scarf with an over-sized cardigan, leggings, denim shirt, and a pair of fun boots.Black Leggings with Burberry Scarf and Long CardiganBlack Leggings with Burberry Scarf and Long Cardigan
  • Animal prints
    • This is where things can get really fun. You can be as bold or subdued as you want. For the office, I suggest being a bit more conservative, meaning, maybe a leopard jumper isn’t the best choice. However, possibly a fun animal print belt or heels? Just enough flair without making you standout in a “not so good way”.Leggings with Silk Camisole and Faux Fur Jacket
    • I’m a huge fan of fun shoes paired with a great pencil skirt or ankle trousers. In my mind, this says I’m sassy and on trend without being over the top.  Pencil skirt with leopard print heels and Ivory Tunic
  • Statement outerwear
    • Over-sized, bright colors or faux fur statement jackets are all the rage. If wearing a statement piece all day isn’t your cup of tea, simply take it off once you get into the office. However, don’t feel awkward rocking that jacket. You are on trend and look fabulous. Be confident and own it!Leggings with Silk Camisole and Faux Fur Jacket
  • Figure flattering ruching
    • Ruching is a good way to look like you’ve lost 10 lbs. I’m serious. I am a huge fan of ruching, particularly when the ruching is on the waist. It simply makes your waist look tiny.
    • I have an inexpensive t-shirt dress that has some minor ruching on the waist. I pair that with a cute jacket by BB Dakota and a pair of tall boots. It is both figure flattering and work appropriate.LBD with knee high boots and BB Dakota drape front jacketLBD with knee high boots and BB Dakota drape front jacket
    • On the weekends, I can wear that same dress but pair it with booties and an oversized cardigan. Easy peasy!
  • Corduroy
    • I still remember the corduroy from when I was in grade school. It was stiff and made a loud “swish” sound as I walked. Slightly embarrassing as a child, but I got over it.
    • The best way to wear corduroy in the office is in skirt or pant form. I have a pair of great, dark gray, skinny pants that I pair with a cami, wool cardigan and cute accessories. Those same pants can be worn with a pair of Adidas and casual camo sweater.PJ Salvage with black denim Jeans and Adidas

Style is individual, but remember, there is no need to go outside your comfort zone. Incorporating small elements like scarfs, shoes, or accessories can simply be enough. Or….you can jump headfirst and buy that plaid leisure suit. Whatever your comfort level, stay true to yourself but….dress your confidence.

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