Coats and Jackets That are Functional and Fashionable

How many times have you gone to your coat closet and pulled out an old dress coat and thought, this “will do” for the walk from the parking lot to the office? I mean…who’s going to see me for that 2.2 seconds while I’m outside? As soon as I get inside, the coat comes off.

As I’m sure you’re guessing by the intro, this is clearly something that goes through my mind. I am the queen of the “this will do” coat selections. Of course, I have every desire to look fabulous and chic while bundled up, but I just can’t seem to find the time to find the perfect coat. So, what’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you!! You find a blogger that does the homework for you and…you simply check out their blog and find the perfect coat without having to leave your house!

Depending on where you live, your winter may be the in the 50’s, with the occasional rain storm, or maybe it’s like ours in Utah, where it is frigid and snow covered for several months out of the year, or…maybe you’re somewhere in between. Either way, I have found a coat or jacket that will work for you.

Hello MOTO!

I have found the perfect moto jackets that are cute and are cruelty free… aka….”vegan” leather. As my husband says, do you mean “pleather”? The simple answer is, yes, it’s faux leather and I’m ok with that. No animals harmed, so you can call it whatever you want.

BlankNYC moto – Nordstrom $98.00

Black Leather Moto Jacket

Burgundy moto – Romeo and Juliet $65.00 


Burgundy Leather Moto Jacket

Coats and Jackets That are Functional and Fashionable

Burgundy Leather Moto Jacket

Burgundy Leather Moto Jacket

The Comfy Teddy Bear Jacket

Love it or hate it, you cannot get away from the Sherpa jacket (also known as the teddy bear jacket) this season. Everywhere you turn, you see it in various forms, a pull-over, cardigan, sweater, and now a jacket. But these three jackets are not your typical find. They are classy and trendy without being too casual (though they can certainly be worn that way…which I will show you!).

14th and Union Teddy – Nordstrom Rack $36.97

Women's Teddy Bear Coat

Women's Teddy Bear Coat

Blouce coat Nordstrom Rack – $79.97

Pink Dress Coat

Teddy Faux Shearling Hooded Jacket – Nordstrom Rack $39.97

Women's Black Dress Jacket

Women's Black Jacket and Leopard Print Top

Comfy Black Jacket and Level 99 Jeans


Tweed or Leopard…You Make the Call

Plaid is making a huge comeback this season as is animal print. Last winter…there was very little plaid or animal prints in sight (unless there was and I just missed it), but low and behold, it’s in abundance this season. Good for me that I love me some animal prints and tweed because these coats do NOT disappoint. This coat is a magical (yes…I said magical) Target find that really surprised me. I’m not familiar with the brand but I can say that the quality is great. Plus, the coat is under $70.00 out the door! The tweed light jacket is only $49.97 and has some great collar details.

Leopard Coat by A New Day – Target $69.00

Animal Print Overcoat

Leopard Print Overcoat

Tweed Jacket by Melloday – Nordstrom Rack $49.97

Tweed Blazer and Denim Jeans

Women's Tweed Blazer

Women's Tweed Blazer

Let it snow parka!

MICHAEL by  Michael Kors Faux Fur Parka - Nordstrom Rack $109.97

Michael Kors Puffer Coat

Michael Kors Parka with Fur Lined Hood

All of the coats shown are versatile. If there’s anything you’ve learned about me from reading my blogs, it’s that VERSATILITY is an absolute must for me! If I’m going to buy a piece of clothing, it must be versatile enough for me to wear to the office AND on the weekend. Not only are these coats and light jackets versatile, but they are budget friendly too! I hope this helps you on your “coat” quest so that you can be on trend, chic, and functional!


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