Trend alert! How to incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe this fall

I’m sure by now you have all seen the hottest fall trend – animal prints! Though leopard print seems to be the most showcased print this season, there are plenty of other animal print options that are fun, chic, and not too over the top. For me, I’m the type of person that prefers to incorporate animal prints into their wardrobe in small doses, meaning, you won’t see me sport a leopard jumpsuit (though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach). I prefer to be a bit more subtle – if animal print anything can be subtle. Given that I work in an office setting that is somewhat conservative, I find that even accessorizing with animal print anything can turn heads, but isn’t that the point? So, if you’re like me and would prefer a subtler approach to this fall trend and you’re curious how you can transition these pieces from the office to weekend brunch, then read on!

Low-key accessories

Not ready to sport a big faux fur leopard print jacket? That’s okay, you don’t need to. There are numerous simple and subtle accessories that you can incorporate into your wardrobe and still look fabulous and on-trend.

Belt it up!

A belt is the easiest and quite honestly, the most practical accessory. A great belt can be both versatile and functional (as well as bring some sass into your “everyday”). My favorite go-to is a vintage snakeskin belt. I wear it with jeans and a half-tucked t-shirt, with a cute form fitting midi dress, with a stylish pencil skirt, or my favorite, wide-leg trousers with a classic white blouse. It’s honestly a versatile accessory that can be worn to the office as well as to the grocery store for those not-so-fun weekend errands.

Below are a few belt options that are on trend and don’t break the bank.

Nordstrom leopard print belt

Target leopard print belt

It’s all in the scarf

Again, simple and practical like a belt, a scarf can spice up any outfit. There are SO many different prints, materials, lengths, and styles that you could likely wear a scarf every day and likely tie it differently each day.

I love scarves for so many reasons. They can take any simple “blah” outfit and make it look chic. Pair it with a white t-shirt and jeans…. wear it with a simple black sheath dress, wear it under a blazer or vest… it truly is an accessory that makes any outfit look amazing.

When choosing a scarf, especially an animal print, I personally select something that is a bit more subdued, making it a versatile accessory rather than a “one-outfit wonder”.

Leopard print scarf

It’s all about the earrings

So maybe a belt or scarf isn’t your thing. But… how about a fun pair of earrings? This can be a fun accessory that does not stand out like a sore thumb but still adds a little “something” to your outfit.  One of my go-to earrings are these adorable leopard print earrings from Chico’s. They pair well with almost any outfit from the office to the soccer field. Seriously, so simple but sophisticated at the same time.

Here are a few other ideas:

There are so many options to incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe without being too over the top. Shoes are another great option to accessorize with, however, to start-off, a belt, scarf, or pair of earrings are the easiest and least expensive way to incorporate a fall trend without being too over the top or breaking the bank. If you do want to go the shoe route, there are several trends for fall right now that you can consider adding to your repertoire:

Let me know what your go-to fall trend is and how you incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe. Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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