New Year, New You!

What is it about the New Year that gets so many of us PUMPED? I’m fascinated by the excitement and vigor that individuals (including myself) show leading up to the New Year. I’m also riveted by the sad and sudden abandonment of New Year’s resolutions.  Why does this happen? Is it time, money, lack of true commitment to change, guilt of focusing on yourself rather than everyone else? The reasons vary by individual; however, what I do know is that a habit takes consistency to develop. In fact, researchers at the University College London estimate that you must consistently perform an activity for at least 66 days for your new routine to become habitual. LET ME SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME…, it takes on average 66 days to develop a habit. This means, in order to set yourself up for success, you will need to give your all until March 7th for your new endeavor to become a habit.

Woman Fitness Creating Healthy Habits

Are you committed to a new and better you? The answer is YES! Stop putting everything and everyone ahead of you and say YES to yourself. Commit at least 66 days to loving yourself. As moms, working professionals, wives, partners, volunteers, etc… we wear many hats. We give and give to everyone else and struggle to make time for ourselves. Many of us even feel guilty about self-care and committing to a goal. Together, let’s stop this nonsense. Let’s support one another, encourage, empower, and be each other’s cheerleader. Together, we can be unstoppable and achieve our goals.

Woman Fitness and Getting Over Your Internal LimitsWoman Fitness and New Year's Resolutions

Is fitness or healthy eating your New Year’s resolution? If so, I’ve got some great resources that will not only get your heart rate up, but will whip your body into tiptop shape without dedicating hours in the gym.  YouTube should become your new best friend. There are so many awesome, free workout videos that are extremely challenging and can be completed in 30 minutes or less. I highly recommend following FitnessBlender as well as HASfit

HIIT - it hurts so good!

HIIT Training and Women's Fitness

Women's Fitness and Plyometric Exercises

HIIT and Plyo Workouts for Women

20-30 minute 200 Calorie Burn

Women's Fitness and Quick 20-30 Minute Workouts

HIIT Workouts and Strength Training for Women

Women's Fitness Medicine Ball Workout

Did someone say TABATA?

Women's Fitness HIIT and Tabata Workouts

Women's Fitness HIIT and Tabata Workouts

These are just a few training videos that I personally use and really enjoy. Working full-time AND starting a business, being a mom, wife, daughter, etc.... leaves very little room for anything else and sometimes getting the motivation after a long day can be challenging. These resources have certainly helped, as they are concentrated, high intensity workouts that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Cheers YOU.  May you commit to fitness, challenge yourself, and push beyond what you think is possible. You are amazing and unstoppable.

Good luck!

Women's Fitness and Pushing Beyond Your Limits


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