Fall sweaters that are versatile and won't break the bank!

Is it just me or are there so many fabulous sweater options this season? Everywhere I look, I see a long cuddly cardigan or a cute off-the-shoulder sweater in a fantastic fall shade. Every influencer on IG is sporting some adorable fall fashion that in my mind is a “must have”. Though, to my husband…this recent obsession with sweaters has led to the following statements “do you really need another sweater?” or my personal favorite “how is this sweater different than the last one you purchased?”  Ok, ok honey, I get it. Stop with the sweater buying.

Piggy bank friendly sweater options

Though my husband’s comments were not so subtle, I understood what he was saying. Spend wisely! Yes, there is no need to spend over $100 on a trendy sweater. Now, cashmere is a different subject matter altogether so… keep in mind, I’m not talking about that luxurious material.

I have found several cute, inexpensive finds recently that are versatile enough for the office, but also transition well to your pumpkin patch escapades on the weekend.

Oh Abercrombie sales… how do I love thee!

I came across this lovely button-front sweater thanks to an influencer on Instagram. She purchased the sweater in yellow (which by the picture looks more like a lovely mustard color) but…by the time I saw her story, Abercrombie was already sold out of my size. But have no fear as there are several other color options including the darling navy and cream stripe, which I purchased. Original price of this little number is $58; however, it was on sale for $23.20 a savings of $34.80 or 60% off.

Striped button front sweater with denim jeansNautical sweater with button front details

This is very versatile. Pair it with distressed denim or navy ankle length trousers for the office. Both, are on trend and very affordable.

Nordstrom Rack – you had me at ‘SALE’

No matter when I go into the Rack, I always walk away with at least two or three items. I swear, the buyers speak directly to my soul. Anyway, on my last visit, I came across this cute, large knit cardigan. It came in two colors, this heather gray and honey (which looked like a light mustard yellow). I really wanted the yellow, but here again, it was sold out in my size, and thus I settled for the heather gray. I do believe I ended up with the better color as it is very versatile and can be worn with numerous other colors, so it all worked out.

Here again, the cardigan was not expensive. Originally, it was priced at $78.00 but was on sale for $29.97 a savings of $48.03 or 62% off. This is a really cute piece that can be worn with wide leg black trousers for the office, leggings, black denim (my fave), or the denim of your choice.

Grey CardiganGrey Cardigan and Leopard Print Heels

Old Navy for the win!

Is it me or has Old Navy really stepped up their game? Ordinarily I do not shop at Old Navy. Not because I’m a snob, but simply because their style hasn’t matched mine. That’s changed….as they have reasonably priced, on trend pieces that, quite honestly, I was ALL ABOUT. I left there spending $130 and getting a sweater, two tops, a pair of jeans, two Henley waffle t-shirts, and a pair of black joggers. Seriously $130? It would have been less had I purchased online as there was a 30% coupon for online orders only but… I still feel as if I came out with a win.

This long, open-front cardigan is by far the softest one I own. Seriously, so cuddly and it comes in three other neutral colors. Though the original price tag is pretty hefty for Old Navy at $49.00, I walked out paying $34.99, a 30% savings.

Light Grey CardiganLight Grey Cardigan and Denim Jeans

Though the fall season fades so quickly, which leads into several months of miserable snow, I must say that I do enjoy cuddly sweaters, tall boots, and a toasty fire. These sweaters are fashionable and affordable, thus leaving your piggy bank intact. Then….you can avoid the comment “do you really need another sweater….” Because the simple answer is…. YES, YES YOU DO!

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